We Are Famous! December 20, 2011.

Yesterday’s Providence Journal had a highlight article on That Gym Guy on December 19th, 2011. Check it out (below):

Name:  Leslie Corvese.

Occupation:  Hairstylist at Avanti Dezigns in North Providence.

Age:  54.

Hometown:  North Providence.

Family:  Divorced, no children.

Workout:  Peter Holmes, known as That Gym Guy at his workout facility at the Regency in Providence, designed the holiday boot camp several years ago to help his clients who were worried about wintertime weight gain.

“Boot camp is all about fat loss,” Holmes says. “The workouts are designed to stress the body in such a way to maximize calorie burn while working out, maintain muscle mass and elicit an increased metabolic demand post-workout that continues to result in a higher calorie burn for hours after the workout.”

Boot camp workouts start with “a neural component, consisting of joint mobilization, spine stabilization and core strengthening,” the trainer says. “After waking up the nervous system we then move into a functional, dynamic warm-up taking the body through a series of different movement patterns.”

“This is followed by a metabolic resistance circuit of exercises incorporating both body weight and added movements with little or no rest between exercises,” and finally, a “high-intensity metabolic conditioning circuit,” with the whole workout lasting 45 minutes.

Warm-up includes 20 jumping jacks, prisoner lunges (10 each leg) and 10 sets of body-weight squats.

Other exercises in the circuit include Spiderman crawls (big lunges you do while crawling on the ground), duck-unders, push-ups, arm-crosses, and running in place.

The metabolic-resistance circuit:  adds weights to the squats and other exercises, with more cardio-like metabolic conditioning after a one-minute rest between circuits.

Quotes:  “I have been enjoying boot camp for almost two years now,” Corvese says. “From a personal perspective, it has become so much more,” than just a program for weight loss and improved energy. “I have realized at my particular age, this type of workout is exactly what I need to do, to offset all the physical and emotional challenges that occur.”

“Boot camp has boosted my self-esteem and become a natural mood elevator,” she says.

“I have met wonderful people from all walks of life. We have lots of fun, as well as helping one another through some challenging routines,” Corvese says.

She adds that because of Holmes, “This is the only time I have ever looked forward and been excited about working out. I feel it has become integral to my lifestyle.”

– Pamela Reinsel Cotter

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