That Gym Guy Food Rules

Eating Rules
1. Eat less more often
2. Eat lean protein
3. Reduce/Eliminate sugar
4. Increase fiber and water
5. Choose the healthiest option
6. Reduce consumption of red meat
7. Eat whole foods – minimal processing
8. Plan what you eat – eat what you plan
9. Whenever possible eat fresh versus processed
10. Only eat single ingredient foods

That Gym Guy Weight Loss Rules
1. Never skip a meal
2. Weigh in weekly at the same time on the same scale
3. Exercise is not negotiable
4. Strength Train at least 3X/week
5. Record everything you eat and drink
6. Measure/weigh everything you eat and drink for one week – then measure one day every month
7. Measure your waist every 21 days
8. All measurements every 6 weeks
9. Eat at the same time every day
10. Eat lean protein at every meal

Words to Live By: (by Jack Lalanne)
“If it is manmade don’t eat it.”
“If it tastes good, spit it out.”

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