Somatopause. Somato WHAT?

Growing up I was a very skinny, little kid. I gave my parents a hard time at dinner. I never tried new foods. I think I only ate peanut butter, cereal and cucumbers. That all changed in my teens. All of a sudden there wasn’t enough food in the universe. I ate everything and anything until it was gone. I was going through a giant growth spurt, gaining muscle, and getting taller while playing sports. I stayed a very lean, single-digit body fat all through my twenties and never gave what I ate a second thought.

This all changed as I got into my forties. All of a sudden I became 25 pounds heavier and my body fat percentage is somewhere around 20 percent. What’s going on? Blame somatopause.

Somatopause is defined as a gradual and progressive decrease in growth hormone secretion that occurs normally with increasing age during adult life and is associated with an increase in adipose (fat) tissue and LDL levels and with a decrease in lean body mass.

This middle-age, metabolic slowdown starts in your 30’s and gets worse with each passing decade. It is characterized by a loss of lean muscle, gaining weight, a sharp decrease in energy and a series of hormonal changes that makes losing weight difficult.

Human growth hormone is the key to reversing somatopause. Now, you can inject HGH at about $1500 per week, which is expensive and dangerous, or you can convince your body to start secreting more of it naturally.

The body releases HGH into the blood stream as a response to short-burst, high intensity, anaerobic exercise. You have to push your heart rate and respiration rate up to maximum levels for about 20 seconds and then recover and repeat.

We incorporate this exercise technique in our Boot Camp workouts with amazing results, especially for our clients in their 50’s and 60’s who have struggled for years trying to lose fat.

Understanding that fat loss is a hormone based system that can be manipulated by an exercise system, coupled with a strategic metabolism boosting eating plan, means you can regain your youthful body bursting with energy.

Most people who follow this regimen notice the following benefits:

  • Lower body fat;
  • Dramatically improved muscle tone;
  • Firmer skin and a noticed reduction of wrinkles;
  • A boost in energy and sexual desire;
  • Improved athletic speed and performance; and they
  • Achieved fitness goals much faster.

Somatopause, with its deleterious health effects, does not have to be tolerated and accepted. Learning how to exercise and eat to maximize growth hormone release will stop middle-age metabolic slowdown in its tracks and give you back your young and sexy body.


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