Should All Obese People Lose Weight? August 16, 2011.

Body Mass Index has been widely accepted as a measurement tool to ascertain if you are overweight or obese and as a general marker for overall health. Unfortunately, BMI does not tell the whole tale. By an conventional medical test, blood pressure, heart rate, body fat percentage, VO2 max, cholesterol, blood sugar, etc., I am ridiculously healthy. Except for BMI. My BMI places me in the overweight close to obese category. Should I worry?


BMI is simply a ratio between height and weight used to determine or estimate body fat. It typically overestimates body fat in athletes with more muscle mass and underestimates it in older people or others who have lost muscle.

Read the following article for insight into the issues with using BMI as a health indicator:  “Should all obese people lose weight?” by Madison Park.

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