Orientation. May 21, 2011.


Welcome to the Day #1 of the Your Best Body Challenge. Before we start working out, I want to thank you for your support and charity in helping That Gym Guy raise money for the March of Dimes Foundation. With your help, we can help those who need it most. Thank you!

That said, are you READY!? The Your Best Body Challenge is a twelve-week program designed to motivate you and your friends to pursue better health. No matter what shape you are in now, I am committed to help you reach your personal fitness goals. I am truly excited to get to know you and encourage you to succeed.

Before we can begin we must set goals. During an interview, Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps said he writes down his goals and reads them each day. This gives him the focus and drive he needs to pursue and reach his goals.

Inside your Orientation Packet I have given you two sheets of colored paper:  an orange and a yellow. (Orange represents energy, potency, power and strength. Meanwhile, yellow represents responsibility, fulfilling duties, organization and structure.) On the yellow sheet of paper I want you to write down your goal(s) for the Your Best Body Challenge. For example, you can write “Lose 10 pounds by August 13, 2011.” Make sure your goal is both realistic and specific. Feel free to check out my article on goal-setting in the Articles tab. After you have written down your goal, glue the yellow piece of paper to the orange sheet. You have made a picture frame! Place your frame in a highly visible area, where you will be able to read your goal each day.

I intend to be a continuous source of support for you. If you ever have any questions, suggestions or just want to talk about your journey do not hesitate to email me at info@thatgymguy.com or call at 401-228-7400. Also, check out our Blog on our website for inspiration, support and advice to encourage you to reach your goals. I am here to help you!

“There are many ways of going forward, but only one way of standing still.” –Franklin D. Roosevelt

Stay Strong and Healthy,

Peter Holmes


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