My Work Out for Maximum Fat Loss. July 26, 2011.

1) For Fat Loss:

The easiest way to see how effective body-weight training can be is to monitor fat loss. With the appropriate workout, BW training will turn stubborn fat into lean muscle.

Due to the extremely versatile nature of body-weight training, it is exceptionally easy to move seamlessly from one exercise to another. Also, it is simple to adjust the intensity of the exercise with just a few tweaks. This makes it very easy to see how body-weight training can be used effectively for fat loss.

There are a few ways to do this, all of which are tremendously valuable.

  • A) Perform a single body-weight ONLY workout per week.  This is extremely beneficial for people who are training mostly with weights and not doing much conditioning work.  As mentioned previously, BW-only workouts comprised of circuits are great for fat loss. Training with multiple training styles each week is superior for fat loss, due to the variety of training stimulus.

Here is a body-weight circuit you can try next time you are at the gym:

A1   Push-Up – 15 reps

A2   Walking Prisoner Lunges – 12 steps per leg

A3   Jumping Jacks – 35 total

A4   Plank – 60 seconds

A5   Pull-Ups – 8-10

A6   Speed Squats – As many as possible in 45 seconds

A7   Inverted Row – As many as possible in 30 sec

A8   Mountain Climbers – 20 per leg             

A9   Hand Walkouts – 6 total

A10 Burpees 15

Perform this circuit 5 times, resting 15-25 seconds between circuits. No rest between exercises. 

  • B) Pepper Body-weight Exercises INTO a weight-training workout.  This is what I call, “the Dynamic Interrupt,” and is a great technique you can use to make any workout you’re already doing more effective for fat loss.
  • Every 4-5 sets take a break from your weight training routine and perform a few body-weight exercises like jumping jacks, mountain climbers or prowler pushes.  You will jack your heart rate up, get your core temperature will rise, and it will make the workout more metabolic.Here is an example of a Dynamic Interrupt you can do DURING your next weight-training workout:

Dynamic Interrupt

Quad Squat

50 reps

Mountain Climber

20 reps per side


30 seconds

As you can see, adding body-weight training into a pre-existing program is an easy way to take your fat loss efforts to the next level.

Stay Strong and Healthy,

Peter Holmes

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