“I’ve been truly amazed at the strength gains I’ve made…”

“I started training with Peter Holmes three years ago after I suffered a serious injury to my right arm that I was told was going to limit my ability to lift or carry anything over 20 pounds. Three months of physical therapy failed to improve my condition. Then I started with Peter who strengthened not only my injured arm but my entire body. My improved strength and conditioning has enhanced every aspect of my life: I have more energy; my depression levels have dropped dramatically; I can lift again without fear of re-injuring my arm and live a more active life thanks to Peter.

Peters understanding of my personal needs as well as his overall knowledge, insight, and abilities are unparalleled. He has a unique ability to teach the basic skills, as well as the ability to create high level programming specific to each individuals needs. His extensive education in physiology and professional experience, as well as his coaching credentials, make him an invaluable trainer. His enthusiasm is infectious and he definitely keeps you entertained and challenged! I’ve been truly amazed at the strength gains I’ve made while working with Peter and am excited to see just how far as an average 50-something year old I can go.”

Tom Matt

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