Is Barefoot Really Better? July 6, 2011.

We are starting to see every major sport shoe manufacturer producing and advertising de-constructed shoes. After decades of innovation, improvement and inspiration utilizing every new bit of technology available all in the quest of making the most supportive, cushioned, shock absorbing shoe possible every shoe company now has a “barefoot” shoe.

What’s going on? Should we dig out our old Converse Chuck Taylor’s from 1968? Is running barefoot really better than the super-supportive cushioned rides we are accustomed to wearing now?

In a word:  yes. Barefoot is better.

The sturdier the shoe, the dumber the foot. The soles of our feet have more receptors per square inch than any other part of our bodies. This is the neural information highway to our brains. The more information the brain receives from the feet the better we move. If we block those signals with thick, sturdy soles and cushioned insoles and lock the foot in place, we reduce the stimulus and cut down on the information flow to the brain. This results in perturbed motor patterns and injury.

Where the foot is concerned less is definitely more. Less is best.

Stay Strong and Healthy,

Peter Holmes

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