Fitness Myths Exposed!


Spot Reduction Myth – Everybody has “trouble spots” on their body that we just can’t help fixating on. The fitness infomercials and others who propagate the myths want you to believe you can “spot reduce” your tummy, thighs, hips and buns . . . that six-pack abs can be achieved using this special ball or that secret machine. Remember the ThighMaster? This is a perfect example of what I am talking about. It is hogwash!

The only way to have jiggle-free arms and thighs or tight, toned abs is by taking a holistic approach to your fitness and nutrition. And here’s a BIG tip:  stop doing body-part specific isolation exercises and start doing compound movements that incorporate multiple joints and muscle groups. You’ll get a far superior workout, burn gobs more calories and get that killer bod fast!

Women Who Look Like Men Myth – Ladies, unless you’re spending 2-3 hours a day lifting HEAVY weight, eating HUGE amounts of protein and ingesting drugs to alter your hormones . . . you will NOT ever get big, bulky muscles like a man. Muscle is far more compact than fat, so as you workout with weights your body will actually shrink, not grow. Your glutes (backside) will tighten up and perk up by doing lunges and squats. It won’t get bigger, it will get firmer and more shapely – in a compact way. Same goes for your thighs, arms, shoulders . . . everything!

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