Assess Your Fitness Level. July 28, 2011.

Testing your overall fitness level is easy and can be done without using any special equipment or machines. Three simple tests that will help you assess your fitness level all by yourself are:

  • Weight:  The first and most obvious test of your health and fitness level is your total body weight. Being underweight and overweight both indicate poor health and fitness levels, with the latter taking a serious toll on your overall fitness level. Weigh yourself on a regular weighing machine or bathroom scales and compare your weight with the acceptable limits for your height. To get the most accurate result, weigh yourself first thing in the morning, preferably without any clothes. If you fall within the prescribed limits for your height, then congratulations, you have passed the first test for fitness.
  • BMI:  Your body mass index is an accurate and reliable assessor of your total body fat and fitness level. To measure your BMI, you can either use a free online calculator or do it yourself. To calculate your BMI, divide your weight in pounds by the square of your height in inches. Multiply this result by 703 and you have your BMI. Your BMI is the percentage of fat in your body in relation to the lean muscle mass and is one of the best indicators of fitness levels in healthy individuals. If your BMI falls between 20 and 25, then you are healthy with appropriate fat and muscle mass. However, if your BMI is more than 25, then you are overweight and unfit, and this will need to be remedied fast.

Resting Heart Rate:  The resting heart rate is an indicator of how healthy and fit your heart is. To get your resting heart rate, check your pulse when you wake up in the morning or after you have been resting or lying down for an hour or so to get accurate results. A resting heart rate of 60 or below shows good health and fitness levels, but if your RHR is higher than 60, then you will need to indulge in some cardio and other exercises to get fitter.

The indicators given above are the most basic measurements of human fitness levels, and if your results for any of these do not fall within the prescribed ranges, then your fitness level needs some urgent work right now! On the other hand, if you measure up well on these tests but want to be athlete-level fit, then assess your fitness level by testing your VO2 Max and by counting the number of pushups that you can do at a time.

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