President George H.W. Bush Supports Our Pushups for Charity Event!

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The Top 3 Things to AVOID at Restaurants to Stay Lean and Healthy. September 30, 2011.

By Mike Geary, Certified Nutrition Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer I've been traveling a lot for business in the last year, and I've noticed that most people totally fall off their fitness routines while traveling . . . In fact, eating out at restaurants frequently is one of the biggest reasons why so many people fatten up while traveling.  It's almost damn near impossible to eat … [Read more...]

The Two Worst Foods for Your Weight. September 29, 2011.

For people trying to lose weight, here's the good news:  Nutrition researchers have scoped out the enemy. And these two foods are the top waistline assassins: potato chips and soda. Everyone knows to cut back on junk food. But in a recent, large study examining what foods were most associated with weight gain, potato chips and sweetened drinks stood out as the ultimate arch villains. Not All … [Read more...]

Take Control of Your Cholesterol! September 28, 2011.

Did you know that one in three American adults has high cholesterol? High cholesterol is one of the major risk factors for heart disease, and one of the best ways to reduce your risk is to lower total cholesterol as well as LDL ("bad") cholesterol. To lower cholesterol, the NIH recommends eating less saturated fat and cholesterol, exercise, losing weight, eating more soluble fiber and consuming … [Read more...]

How Does Fat Affect You? September 26, 2011.

I found this article while I was going through some of my old documents. I think the visual alone tells you everything you need to know:  extra fat will kill you. Below, is the article. (I have re-written the tabs so you can read them better.) Remember:  exercise and a healthy diet will keep you healthy and feeling younger. If you need help never hesitate to call me at 401-228-7400 or email me at … [Read more...]

Fitness and Yoga. Does it work? September 20, 2011.

I found this article "Fitness Experts Say Yoga Leads to Better Balance, But Won't Burn Calories." Here are a few clips of what a recent study had to say . . . One study commissioned by the American Council on Exercise found that while yoga increased muscular strength and endurance, along with flexibility and balance, it led to no significant improvement in aerobic capacity. Professor John … [Read more...]

Boost Your Metabolism and Burn More Fat with this Natural Supplement . . . September 19, 2011.

We all know how tough dieting can be. And if it was not tough enough, dieting gets even harder as you age. That is because your resting energy expenditure decreases significantly as you get older. Simply put, you burn less calories on a daily basis than your younger counterparts. The good news is new research shows that a very unlikely supplement can naturally "boost" you resting metabolic rate … [Read more...]

400m Training vs McDonalds. September 12, 2011.

I found this great article by Latif Thomas, a USATF Level II, USTFCCCA Event Specialist (Sprints, Hurdles & Relays). His article reiterates what I have been telling my athletic clients for years:  train fast, race fast. For the complete article click here. Below, here is a little bit of Thomas' wisdom: "Giving volumes of aerobic work and slow repeats to 400m runners is the equivalent of … [Read more...]

Tricep Workout! August 30, 2011.

My clients are always asking me to get rid of their jiggly, flabby arms. The best way to do this is to do tricep exercises. Check out this video for various tricep exercises you can do based on your ability. Remember:  use your brain and be safe! Listen to your body! … [Read more...]

5 Signs of Alzheimer’s That Sometimes Show up Before Memory Loss. August 25, 2011.

By Paula Spencer Scott, Memory loss is the symptom everybody worried about Alzheimer's disease or other forms of dementia seems to focus on. After all, it's distressing -- and increasingly obvious. Yet there are other common symptoms of Alzheimer's or dementia that can turn up even earlier, researchers say. Sometimes, according to memory experts, even doctors miss early dementia … [Read more...]

Friday Inspiration. August 19, 2011.

Our first week of our $21 for 21 Day Program is wrapping up. Congratulations to the 17 Boot Campers this morning! Keep up the good work. Here is a little weekend motivation to keep you going. See you Monday! Stay Strong and Healthy, Peter Holmes … [Read more...]

3 Sleep Myths You Shouldn’t Fall For. August 18, 2011.

By RealAge We might spend one-third of our lives doing it, yet some of us still aren't terribly clear how it works. We're talking about sleeping. Here are three sleep myths you should wake up about: 1. "I can make up for sleep loss on the weekends." Many of us skimp on sleep during the workweek, only to indulge in long lie-ins on the weekend. But, unfortunately, sleep debt isn't so easily … [Read more...]

Should All Obese People Lose Weight? August 16, 2011.

Body Mass Index has been widely accepted as a measurement tool to ascertain if you are overweight or obese and as a general marker for overall health. Unfortunately, BMI does not tell the whole tale. By an conventional medical test, blood pressure, heart rate, body fat percentage, VO2 max, cholesterol, blood sugar, etc., I am ridiculously healthy. Except for BMI. My BMI places me in the overweight … [Read more...]

Friday Inspiration. August 12, 2011.

"For no matter what your ability is effort is what ignites that ability and turns it into accomplishment." -Carol Dweck … [Read more...]

Do Diet Sodas Make People Gain Weight? August 11, 2011.

I used to be an avid Diet Coke drinker. I drank it regularly often patting myself on the back for finding a zero-calorie 'healthier' soda. (I could get my caffeine fix AND not gain weight! I was yards ahead of those Regular Coke drinkers!) Soon, however, I noticed I was hooked. If I did not have my Diet Coke at lunch I got antsy. In a short time, I grew dependent on my soda. When I noticed, I … [Read more...]

How Does Sleep Deprivation Affect Your Quick Weight Loss? August 9, 2011.

All too often I see clients who are overweight and do not know why. Once I start talking to them, their high-pressure,high-stress lifestyle seems to inhibit them from making healthy food decisions. Oftentimes, they are 'rushing' from meeting to meeting and must make (or so it seems) snap judgments on what to eat. When I ask them what their sleep schedule looks like, many will roll their eyes - and … [Read more...]

Peter’s Favorites: Potter Hill Farm. August 5, 2011.

Potter Hill Farm is located in Grafton, Mass and provides Grass-fed Beef CSA. Potter Hill Farm is a local favorite with its fresh vegetables and beef. Click here for more details or read below. Happy eating! … [Read more...]

21-Day Sprint! Join NOW! August 4, 2011.

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Food for Thought. August 3, 2011.

"If I'd known I was going to live this long, I'd have taken better care of myself." -Eubie Blake (February 7, 1887 - February 12, 1983) was an American composer, lyricist, and pianist of ragtime, jazz, and popular music … [Read more...]

A Memory Tonic for the Aging Brain. August 1, 2011.

I stumbled across this recent study from John Hopkins University and the Center for the Neurobiology of Learning and Memory at the University of California, Irvine, that I found really interesting. Here are a few quotes from the study: "The hippocampus (is) a larger portion of the brain known to be involved with learning and thinking." "Older volunteers, ages 60 to 80, . . . showed far less … [Read more...]

Assess Your Fitness Level. July 28, 2011.

Testing your overall fitness level is easy and can be done without using any special equipment or machines. Three simple tests that will help you assess your fitness level all by yourself are: Weight:  The first and most obvious test of your health and fitness level is your total body weight. Being underweight and overweight both indicate poor health and fitness levels, with the latter taking … [Read more...]

Burn Fat Fast With This Exercise! July 27, 2011.

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My Work Out for Maximum Fat Loss. July 26, 2011.

1) For Fat Loss: The easiest way to see how effective body-weight training can be is to monitor fat loss. With the appropriate workout, BW training will turn stubborn fat into lean muscle. Due to the extremely versatile nature of body-weight training, it is exceptionally easy to move seamlessly from one exercise to another. Also, it is simple to adjust the intensity of the exercise with … [Read more...]

Are Government Guidelines Making Us Really Fat? What Do You Think? July 25, 2011.

I was doing research for my latest Federal Hill Gazette article (Chick it out in our 'Articles' section) and I found this article by Cassandra Forsythe-Pribanic, PhD, RD. The title alone intrigued me. Cassandra's approach is friendly yet blunt. She is not afraid to criticize the Government's latest attempts at fixing our diets. Here is her article: … [Read more...]

Everything You Need to Know About Fiber. July 21, 2011.

Fiber is the part of food that is not digested by the human body. It is found in various plant foods, such as fruits, leaves, stalks and the outer coverings of grains, nuts, seeds and legumes. Fiber is important in our diet because it helps reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke, improves the body's handling of glucose and insulin. Fiber is very important to the health of the digestive … [Read more...]

Did You Know . . . ? July 20, 2011.

"A study from Skidmore College found that exercisers who combined cardio with a high-intensity, total-body resistance routing lose more than twice as much body fat - including twice as much belly fat - over 12 weeks as those who followed a moderate-intensity cardio plan." Click here for the full article. … [Read more...]

Could Your Kids Intelligence be Impacted by Exercise? July 19, 2011.

I recently read an article written by Gretchen Reynolds titled "The Fittest Brains:  How Exercising Affects Kids' Intelligence." Needless to say, I was intrigued. Reynolds discusses a number of studies that conclude that aerobic exercise may actually enlarge some key portions of an adolescent's brain. Specifically, researchers studied the hippocampus and the basal ganglia, both responsible for … [Read more...]

Ways to Help You Count. July 18, 2011.

Study after study proves that calories matter. In order to lose weight, we need to exercise AND watch what we eat. A number of calorie-counters have popped up recently in order to make this once tedious chore a whole lot … [Read more...]

Friday Inspiration. July 15, 2011.

"If you can count on one person, let it be yourself." -Unknown … [Read more...]

What is the Perfect Rest Interval Between Sets? July 14, 2011.

The answer is:  there is no perfect rest interval between sets. The intensity of the exercise and your fitness level will determine how long you should rest before repeating the set. Generally, the heavier the weight you are lifting the longer the recovery or rest interval. There are two energy systems at play when doing resistance training. There is your anaerobic, glycogen-fueled, energy system … [Read more...]